Got A/C Issues? Don't Sweat It.

We offer prompt and professional A/C repairs day or night

Life in the Deep South isn't easy without an efficient and reliable air conditioning system. If your own home isn't offering you any relief from the heat and humidity, rely on Kirts Heating & Cooling for fast and affordable A/C repairs. We can respond to emergency calls day or night.

With over 17 years of experience, our technician can repair or replace all kinds of A/C systems, including central air, swamp coolers and window units. Reach out today to schedule an appointment.

Why is airflow important in your home?

A quality air conditioner provides more than just ideal temperatures. It also prevents stale, stagnant air in your home. Keeping constant airflow throughout the summer will:

Stop mold and mildew from growing
Get rid of lingering food and pet odors
Make allergy and asthma symptoms less severe

If you're overwhelmed with terrible allergies throughout the year, a faulty A/C unit could be part of the problem. Call today to ask for a free estimate on our A/C repair services.

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