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Since furnaces are left off for much of the year in Louisiana, it's common for homeowners to discover issues with their heating system when they need it most. If your furnace isn't performing how it should, turn to Kirts Heating & Cooling. We offer 24/7 repairs, replacements and new installation services.

We're a preferred dealer of Luxaire furnaces, but we can work with any brand and model you'd like. Call today to get a free estimate on your furnace services.

How can you tell your furnace needs repairs ASAP?

Waiting until your furnace breaks down entirely is likely going to cost you even more money than ongoing, preventive maintenance.

Some of the clear signs of a failing furnace include:

Cool or lukewarm airflow
Strange noises in your vents
Sharply rising energy costs
Extremely dry air in your home

If you notice that your pilot light is burning yellow, instead of blue, seek out professional help right away. You could have a carbon monoxide leak. We'll take a close look at your system to let you know if a repair or replacement service is necessary.

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